Group Meersschaert

Enjoy innovation and flexibility with the wire-looms from Group Meersschaert

Our philosophy

  • Tradition leads to innovation. 
    With its roots dating back to 1945, Group Meersschaert has accumulated several decades of experience in the field of pile fabric wire-looms, playing an active role in the rapidly evolving textile industry. Today, the family-owned business employs 65 people and prospers on the results of continuous research, innovation and flexibility. 
  • Small-scale flexibility. 
    Not only do we produce textile machinery with a highly flexible output, the organisation itself is structured with flexibility in mind. You want to speak with the manager? No problem. Management is involved with daily aspects of production, sales and marketing and values personal contact with clients. 
  • Weave your way into more profitability. 
    The textile industry is a very competitive business, reigned by volume, speed and low price levels. Thanks to our highly flexible looms, allowing different outputs of exclusive quality fabrics for upholstery, velvet and rugs with one single loom, many of our clients were able to enter different and more profitable markets. They now run smaller productions of very exclusive fabrics for profitable niche markets. 
  • Full-service flexibility. 
    In addition to the looms, we offer many other interesting services. We dispose of a full-fledged CAD textile design department and a production unit making jacquard cards. We also make harnesses and textile related wire products such as bobbin weights. Finally, we do subcontracting and production of mechanical parts on our extended range of CNC machines. 
  • Comprehensive product line. 
    Our product line consists of Jacquard machines for all pile fabrics, Jacquard harnesses and wire-looms. Many of them excel in several domains of weaving and textile fabrication. We also welcome inquiries for highly customized looms.


type : wire flex 14 

Flexibility to produce CUT and/or LOOP pile for upholstery or carpets. 
Flexibility to change the weaving cycle while weaving. 
Weaving width from 1m40 to 3 meter. 
In full jacquard or full dobby version 


  • electronic pick regulator
  • electronic driven wire motion
  • slay motion driven by cams
  • optical wire control
  • userfriendly touchscreen
  • electronic driven weft presentation


METEX LOOM to produce carpets 
Type Wire Flex or Metex one - with dobby
Possible weavingwidth of the loom : 1m40 / 1m65 / 2m
To produce cut and/or loop pile

Production of our own mechanical Jacquard from Giropan

Designoffice: CAD and CAM

Production of harnesses

Bobbin weights