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Manufacturer of winding machinery, splicers and carpet finishing machinery
EviloEVILO nv
Scheldestraat 35A
B-8553 Otegem

Tel.: +32 56 77 74 32
Fax: +32 56 77 78 02

Factory building
3 000 m2
USA, Turkije, Egypte, Japan, China
Consolidated turnover (2004)
€ 4.109.115
USA: Fletcher Industries
Japan: Itochu
Turkije: MSD Machinery
Research results in a new generation of textile machinery
Evilo is a private company with more than 76 years of experience in manufacturing textile machinery. Since 1987 Evilo takes an important place in the textile machinery market.

The range of winding machinery found it's way in the carpet and furniture material sector and it was recently enlarged with technical textile. A new yarn guiding system should guarantee a high winding quality during the assembling of yarns.

The youngest generation of carpet finishing machines ushers a new period of automatisation in. Especially the full automatic transverse cutting machine turns the classical view of carpet confection completely upside down. As in the past longitudenal and transversal finishing were considered as independent units, both finishing methods are now integrated in each
other because of this automatisation. A comparison with the full automatic way of finishing towels is obvious. Only the change of colours reduces the efficiency of the machine.

The most recent carpet finishing machines are even space-saving. Carpet buffers can for the first time be limited because of the extreme rate of automatisation and are particularly built above the finishing line.

A good organised production guarantees the highest quality.
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