Gilbos winds all your coarse yarns

Gilbos manufactures exceptionally solid, economical machines for winding, assembling and air entangling of coarse yarns. 

The machines are built from own standard components. The Gilbos R&D department develops new components if required. 

Gilbos provides thorough training for the customer’s technicians and operators, so its machines are profitable right from the start. 

Its after-sales and spare-parts services guarantee that the machines remain fully operational for several decades. 

Numerous spinning mills and carpet factories all over the world make use daily of Gilbos machines to their full satisfaction.

Supplier of winding machines for coarse yarns


An individual splicer for each yarn end! 
Fully automatic assembly unit, winding two yarn ends directly from spinning bobbins to 10" traverse packages, with electronic yarn clearing. Fully automatic preparation of the spinning bobbins. Semi-link or direct link possible. Improves efficiency during 2f1 twisting with more than 15 % and during tufting with more than 25 % thanks to the individual splicer per spindle. Very high winding speed and adjustable crossing angle thanks to the swivelling arm yarnguiding system. Precision winding available for increased package density and higher efficiency during 2f1 twisting.


Fully automatic rewinder from spinning bobbins, including electronic yarn clearing, in random or precision winding. 
Semi-link or direct link possible. 
Perfect package build-up thanks to swivelling arm, which allows also to run very coarse yarns at high speed, even up to Nm 0,4. Splicer per spindle with untwisting of the individual ends, very short splice cycle, quick change of splice chamber and is maintenance free. Equipped with automatic magazines for spinning bobbins up to 700 mm. Travelling doffing system ATS which consists of one or more travelling doffers carrying an empty cone and a central magazine for empty cones located at the front side of the machine and with 100 cones capacity.


Fully automatic assembly winder with accurate length measurement for 10" traverse packages. Yarnguiding by swivelling arm with positive yarnguide. Very effective mechanical Anti-Patterning System by changing constantly the number of strokes of the swivelling arm, at constant winding speed. 
Specially designed brake plate which stops the spindle immediately when a yarnbreakage occurs. Perfect yarnguiding and thanks to the swiveling arm principle. Precision winding available for increased package density.

Air-Twist module

Twist-effect at speeds between 300 – 1000 m/min. 
Adjustable between 50 – 300 rpm. 
2 up to 6 ends twisted in 1 single step. 
For BCF, CF & Technical yarns. 
Inline twisting and heatsetting is possible.

Dynajet System2

Lowest cost per kg! 
Highly efficient, computer-controlled air entangler, entangling up to 1200 m/min, with quick style change. 

  • 10" traverse, cylindrical (up to diameter 105 mm)
  • Yarn guiding by swivelling arm with positive yarn guide.
  • Package rotation by driven contact roll, at constant winding speed.
  • Standard random winding.
  • Production of packages up to 400 mm. (450 mm optional)
  • Very effective mechanical Anti-Patterning System by changing constantly the number of strokes of the swivelling arm, at constant winding speed.
  • Individual Drive per spindle by motor with frequency inverter, at winding speeds between 250 and 1.200 m/min., depending on the yarn and entangling parameters.
  • Gradual start up after each winding stop. The ramp of speed increase is programmable.

Type SO – Standard Overfeed

  • For entanglement of coarse final counts (2000 to 30.000 dtex)
  • Driven double feeder rolls with double yarn guiding : before and after the entangling.
  • Jet box on top of the feeder box.
  • Working speeds up to 1.200 m/min. possible, depending on the parameters.

Type IM – Intermingling 

  • For intermingling or air-entangling of BCF carpet yarns.
  • Generally for final counts up to 10.000 dtex (not absolutely limited).
  • Controllable distance between nips in the yarn.
  • Working speeds up to 1.200 m/min.


Automatic take-up winder with 24, 36 or 48 spindles. 2 Machineparts, 3-level execution, with 4/6/8 spindles per level, for take-up from GVA-belts or masts, spindle pitch 550 mm. 

Winding onto cylindrical or conical packages, 250 mm traverse, max. diameter 410 mm. Winding speed up to 750 m/min. 
Six empty tubes in each magazine. 
Length measurement per level. 
Automatic change of full packages per level. 
Driven open-roll system per level. 
Complete computer control system + touchscreen and web-interface. 
Conveyor belt + photocell per level for evacuation of full packages. 
Electronical anti-ribboning system. 
Electronic yarndetector per end. 
Yarn guiding with linear guiding system. 
Separate motor and drive for linear guiding system, open-roll system and package. 
Open and closed loop yarntension compensation system. 
Standard P-winding. Optional P- and Q-winding selectable just by changing a user parameter. 
Very compact machine. 
Dimensions per section of 24 spindles : 
Height : 1.900 mm - Length : 5.600 mm - Width : 1.675 mm