Hammer-IMS is a high-tech industrial sensing company. The KU Leuven University spin-off company is based in Hasselt, Belgium. Hammer-IMS supplies systems for contactless measurement of basis-weight, thickness and anomalies of flat structures in production lines. The disruptive M-Ray technology of Hammer-IMS combines millimeter waves (high-frequency electromagnetic waves) with innovative algorithms – creating a clean alternative for today’s nuclear and radioactive measuring equipment. Hammer-IMS has systems running at international manufacturers of textiles, fabrics, nonwovens, plastics, coatings, etc. The modular and robust Hammer-IMS systems offer up to micron level accuracy on industrial in-line production lines.

Hammer-IMS offers M-Ray basis-weight measuring solutions for inline, OEM, and laboratory. The Hammer-IMS measuring systems are available in wider O-frame and more compact C-frame, and in special configurations to meet specific needs. The Hammer-IMS proprieritary M-Ray measuring technology introduce the following key benefits:

  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Clean, non-radioactive technology – no licenses needed
  • Accurate & robust measurements – running 24/7 when needed
  • Single or multi sensor measurements – near 100% material coverage
  • High standoff distance (+30 centimeter) – no scratches and stains
  • Measuring opaque coatings – even containing opaque Barium-oxide powder